Past Radio Shows on HardSound Radio.

A list of our past radio broadcasts on HardSoundRadio HSR!

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Dark Matters Podcast 4 14.08.2021
Celestial Fracture Broadcast 07.08.2021
Enter The Hole Part 3 24.07.2021
Frequency Blind pt.2 17.07.2021
Gabba Network – The Sound Of Milan 16.07.2021

SCWW And IB36 presents – Speedshock
Violent Vortex present: FREQUENCY BLIND 27.02.2021
Mortal Corebat Pt.11 13.03.2021
Monsters Of Terror 19.03.2021

Monsters Of Terror 30.01.2021

Mortal Corebat Part 9 15.01.2021
Enter The Hole – UNDERGROUND 13.02.2021

Fuk 2020 NYE bash

Dark Matters christmas podcast 2

Turbologism Pt. XV 01.01.2021
Techno Virus Version 3 17.01.2021
Completely Doomed Vol 20 23.01.2021
Gabba Network – Eternal Respect To LIZA N ELIAZ 19.02.2021

Hard and Dark 29.12.2020

Project Darkness – HardSoundRadio-HSR

Mortal Corebat part 8 – JoLi’s BirthdayBash 11.12.2020

Acid Head Productions Present 13.12.2020


NNS & HSR presents: Escape from France 27.12.2020

Completely Doomed Vol 19 07.11.2020

Gabba Network Vol. 5 13.11.2020

NNS & HSR presents : ESCAPE FROM SWISSE 26.11.2020

Decerebration Tactique Records Presents: Les Premieres Caresses Du Mal 27.11.2020

Enter The Hole Presents: Rigormortis @ The Blue Print 12.12.2020

Enter The Hole – Industrial Space Trip 10.10.2020

Dark Matters Podcast #1 19.09.2020

Speedcore Worldwide Presents: Speedshock 25.09.2020

In A World Of Shit 26.09.2020

HardSoundRadio-HSR Invites: PH Events 16.10.2020

HardSoundRadio-HSR Presents: Gabba Network vol 4

Enter The Hole – Industrial Starship Trip

NNS & HSR host: “Five Years Of Revolt

History Of Hardcore Pt2 12.07.2020

Horrible As Fuck 16.07.2020

Berzerk 3 Broadcast 18.07.2020

NNS!!! The Undercover Mixtape 21.07.2020

From The Deep Pt 5 15.08.2020

Techno Virus Version 2 05.07.2020

HardSoundRadio-HSR Presents: REHAB 08.07.2020

Enter The Hole 08.08.2020

HardSoundRadio-HSR Presents: Gabba Network Vol. 3 05.06.2020

Тurbologism Pt. XI On HardSoundRadio-HSR 06.06.2020

Mortal Corebat Pt.2 13.06.2020

Completely Doomed Vol 18: Hell On Earth 19.06.2020

Attack Of The Tentacles On HardSoundRadio-HSR 20.06.2020

No New Style!!! Infection 3 25.06.2020

Techno Virus Version 2 05.07.2020

Horrible As Fuck 16.07.2020

Тurbologism Pt. X 01.05.2020

Rehab Hardcore 05.05.2020

Mortal Corebat 16.05.2020

No New Style Infection 2 19.05.2020

Necronomicon On HardSoundRadio-HSR 31.05.2020

HardSoundRadio-HSR Presents: Seua Digital Recordings 07.04.2020

Dead Zone Communications – HardSoundRadio-HSR 16.04.2020

HardSoundRadio-HSR Presents Gabba Network Vol 2

Completely Doomed Vol 17 Sat 18.04.2020

No New Style Infection

Industrialized Zone

From The Deep Part 4 On HardSoundRadio-HSR

HardSoundRadio-HSR Presents Dirty Beats & Breaks

HardSoundRadio-HSR Presents: Gabba Network 14.02.2020

Self Made Megamixes 08.02.2020

HardSoundRadio-HSR Invites Traumatic 

Darklords Promo Show

Completely Doomed – Train Wreck

Driller Killerz On HardSoundRadio HSR 04.05.2019

Torso On HardSoundRadio-HSR 01.06.2019

The Industrial Underground Broadcast 08.06.2019

From The Deep Part 2 On HardSoundRadio-HSR  23.02.2019

Тurbologism Pt. II On HardSoundRadio-HSR 08.03.2019

Feed Them To The Pigs On HardSoundRadio-HSR 09.03.2019

2nd Intergalactic Core Transmission On HardSoundRadio-HSR 20.04.2019

Completely Doomed XIII (Unlucky For Some)

They Talk, They Kill On HardSoundRadio-HSR 17.01.2019

Completely Doomed Version 12.0 On HardSoundRadio-HSR 26.01.2019

Disciples Of Chaos – No New Style 01.02.2019

From The Deep On HardSoundRadio-HSR 31.12.2018

Intergalactic Core Transmission On HardSoundRadio-HSR 08.12.2018

Inner Demons On HardSoundRadio-HSR 15.12.2018

Completely Doomed 11 on HardSoundRadio-HSR 22.12.2018

тυrвoloɢιѕм 07.12.2018

Doom Asylum (Industrial Edition) 01.12.2018

Overclocked On HardSoundRadio-HSR 17.11.18

Completely Doomed Part 10 On HardSoundRadio-HSR 03.11.2018

The Playground On HardSoundRadio-HSR 10.11.2018

The Vortex On HardSoundRadio-HSR 24.11.2018

Intergalactic Core Transmission On HardSoundRadio-HSR 08.12.2018

Inner Demons On HardSoundRadio-HSR 15.12.2018

The Box Part 3 On HardSoundRadio-HSR 06.10.2018

Completely Doomed Part 9 on HardSoundRadio-HSR 29.09.2018

The No New Style Massacre On HardSoundRadio-HSR 28.09.2018

Parasitic Organism On HardSoundRadio-HSR 24.09.2018

Kino Der Toten On HardSoundRadio-HSR 22.09.2018

Annihilation Project On HardSoundRadio-HSR

Completely Doomed Part 7 On HardSoundRadio-HSR

The Box (Part Deux) On HardSoundRadio-HSR

Completely Doomed Part 8 On HardSoundRadio-HSR

Disturbance Radio Show Hosted By TRAFFIK

Return Of The Damaged Brain On HardSoundRadio-HSR

The Box On HardSoundRadio-HSR

Completely Doomed Part 7 On HardSoundRadio-HSR

Industrialized To Death On HardSoundRadio-HSR 07.07.2018

The Tunnel Of Techno On HardSoundRadio

Microscopic Analysis On HardSoundRadio-HSR

Completely Doomed Part 6

Nightmare In A Damaged Brain

Revenge Of The Psilocybin

Reanimated Radio Show

Completely Doomed Pt.4

Completely Doomed Pt.3

Unrestrained, Unrepressed And Unrestricted

HSR TEK 2018 – Teknival warmup radio show

Completely Doomed PT.2

HardSoundRadio Return Show

On Speed And Angry


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