Scared Competitors

playground behaviour Seeing more and more pages/websites popping up who are trying to imitate us. Using our name, logos and page wording to try and beat us. This is pathetic and looks desperate.. As far as I am concerned, If you have to try to beat us, then you already lost 😉     WWW.HARDERSOUND.NET

HardSoundRadio-HSR Underground Hardcore Radio

HardSoundRadio-HSR  Possibly the hardest and darkest online hard music radio station of all time.. Shame it has ended ehh?   Well it hasn’t. This bad ass underground hardcore radio station has a storm brewing. It’s making a comeback in March 2018 under a new name, with a new look as: The HarderSound Bought back to […]

Hardcore radio coming soon

Hardcore radio coming soon… The only Hardcore Radio station that bought you only the hardest forms of Underground electronic music. The only station that promotes talent over tits. HardSoundRadio presents. The HarderSound