Past Radio Shows On HardSoundRadio-HSR

Just a few of our many live radio events from the past.


eradicate show feat delta 9

digital ear porn radio show  redmore, nevermind, sound abuse, stinger speedcore radio

rigamortis speedcore radio show  in the machine hardcore techno radio

HSR The return show  genetically modified hardcore techno radio

Frenchcore night - hardsound radio  frazzbass fiend

eurozone crisis - speedcore, terror, hardcore radio show  disco cunt - speedcore radio night

dj tron tribute  digital plague with andy the core

detest - mutante hardcore frenchcore radio  atomic radio show - underground speedcore show

world domination hardcore radio show  tieum, strobcore radio

the dj producer, tecknoist  the 3 bad brothers of uk industrial hardcore

shit storm hardcore radio show  section 18 radio show

redmore, nevermind, sound abuse, stinger speedcore radio  sensory violation night


Number one for Underground radio shows!

We provided some of the most sort after:

Hardcore Radio, Techno Radio, Gabber Radio, Speedcore Radio, Breakcore Radio, Acid Radio, Darkcore Radio.